DJT Line ArtThe inspiration to start this blog goes entirely to the person shown on the right. A man supposedly rich and famous who claims to be the “Leader of The Free World”.

But who, in reality, is nothing short of a constantly carping, complaining WHINER. The world has not seen anyone in a position of power is so constantly whines. About everything !!!

He is like a little child who seeks attention from everyone around him. BUT THE FACT IS that his constant whining HAS GAINED him a LOT OF attention.

So this blog seeks to constantly whine about things happening in our communities. And, hopefully, like THE SUPREME LEADER, gain enough attention to generate a healthy debate on topics that concern us all.

We hope you take some time to read and comment on the posts here. And, if you find it relevant, spread the message across so that we gain enough momentum to bring issues to the notice of those who matter.